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  • Product List for Minerals

    Category CAS#: Description 
    Calcium Carbonate 471-34-1 Calcium Nutritional Supplement
    Calcium Citrate 5785-44-4 The calcium salt of citric acid, commonly used
     as a food additive and preservative, sometimes
     for flavor.
    Calcium Gluconate 18016-24-5 Calcium nutritional supplement
    Calcium Lactate 814-80-2 Calcium nutritional supplement
    Calcium Malate 17482-42-7 Calcium nutritional supplement.
    Calcium Pyruvate 52009-14-0 A dietary supplement
    Copper Gluconate 527-09-3 Copper nutritional supplement.
    Ferric & Ferrous
    Ferric Phosphate 15708-41-5 Iron nutritional supplement.
    Ferrous Gluconate 206-076-3 Iron nutritional supplement.
    Ferrous Lactate 5905-52-2 Iron nutritional supplement.
    Magnesium Gluconate 59625-89-7 Magnesium nutritional supplement.
    Magnesium Lactate 18917-93-6 Magnesium nutritional supplement.
    Lithium carbonate 209-062-5 Lithium nutritional supplement.
    Strontium carbonate 1633-05-2 Strontium nutritional supplement.
    Manganous carbonate 598-62-9 Manganous nutritional supplement
    **Our minerals products  are all produced with High purification technology, with very low Heavy
     metal and comply with Nutrition and food industry requirement .please ask for price and samples
     if you are interested in our products.


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