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  • What's the Hot Plant Extract in 2015 ?

    Every stage has its principal character, including the industry of plant extract. The quantity of the plant extract enterprise and exports of products in 2014 has increased greatly than the same period of last year. The trend of the market of plant extract in the country has become increasingly obvious. What's the Hot Plant Extract in 2015 ?

    1. Low calorie sweeteners

    Low-calorie sweetener is suitable for people with diabetes, pregnant and children at the same time, and it can avoid the carcinogenic potential that the artificial sweeteners may be produced, it will be considered as a kind of food additives under good development.

    Momordica grosvenori extract:Momordica grosvenori extract can clear lung and runchang, suitable for acute bronchitis and many kinds of inflammation. Mogrosides is 300 times sweeter than sucrose, which is a good material for drinks and candys. This is a natural sweetener with the very high nutritional value, the trait of its low quantity of heat can also stable diabetic patient’s condition, it makes the mogrosides which has a huge consumer market under the current situation that the "three highs" became younger trend.

    Stevia extract: The security of Stevia extract has been confirmed by a lot of international organizations, including the World Health Organization Committee / the European Food Safety Authority and so on. According to clinical researchers, the committee of experts determine the  stevia extract of the standard purity on blood sugar or blood pressure without any adverse effects, this suggests that the stevia extract -stevia sugar for diabetics is very safe.Stevia sugar is used in food, beverage, and have been identified by FDA as sweetener, the characteristics of high safety, low cost, make a wide prospect of market for it.

    2. Pigment products

    Natural pigments derived from plants with high safety, can fully cope with the hidden danger of artifical colorings that Europe and the United States worried about. It is another leading of the product export of the plant extract besides sweetener. According to the trend of sales market of plant extract, Xi 'an yuensun biological predict the sellers of the pigment in 2015 which are capsicum red pigment, lutein, and curcumin:

    Capsicum red pigmentcan alternative red pigmentof Chemical synthesis which has carcinogenicity, and has become a trend of western food and beverage industry;

    lutein is a natural antioxidant for eyes, is a important element to maintain the normal visual function of visual cells and optic nerve , the more content of lutein in the body, the less of the possibility of harm eyesight will get. A suitable intake of the lutein play a certain role to improve juvenile myopia;

    Curcumin: China is the second largest exporter of curcumin in the world, curcumin is the main pigments of curry powder, its colour is bright yellow and pleasing to the eye, beyond as the natural food additive, its function like anti-aging, inhibit free radicals and anti-cancer also got the attention of the research in foreign medical .

    3. Plant Extract for Both Healthcare and Cosmetic Products

    There are a variety of plant extract which are used for both  healthcare and cosmetic products at the same time.Applications in various field of the following three kinds of products are recognized widely by market,meanwhile ,the function of effective ingredients are developed further.

    Green tea extract--Tea polyphenols from Green tea extact has a huge effect on human being and fitted widely by people ,the main functions summarized are reducing lipid,   reducing blood glucose,resistance radiation and oxidation, anti-aging and so on .The main substance of tea polyphenols is anthocyanin which can restrain the function of overoxidation both lipoxygenase and lipid peroxide for the three-dimensional skin ,meanwhile the effect of aging of  tea polyphenols is superior to vitamin E,it has occuppied an important position in the cosmetic market for a long time .

    The function of Inhibition of converting enzyme  for tea polyphenols have be used widely in Eldely’s health care ,at the same time , tea polyphenols can help people to reduce or keep blood pressure which have an important function for office workers facing computer for a long time ,because it can absorb active substance and can against cancer.

    Ginkgo Biloba Extact--Ginkgo biloba extact play an important role in the process of protecting cell which can transport oxygen and glucose  of cell according to promoting blood circulation  and promoting mechanism meanwhile ,the Ginkgo biloba extact keeps an security role when the free radical of nevous system threat the cell and clean from the humen  body.

    Ginkgo biloba extract has the function of clearing free radicals whcih is applied in cosmetics.Theflavonoid glycosides and flavonols of Ginkgo biloba extract is the scavenger of free radical,meanwhile,the manganese ,molybdenum and some microelement of Ginkgo biloba can restrain the growth of melanin.

    Ginseng Extract--The appilcation of Ginseng extract is very extensive ,it is not only can be used for anti-aging, anti-fatigue and brain health food, also for cosmetics with the functions of reducing spots or wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity.In addition,as a type of food additive,ginseng extract is also widely used.The United States, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries are the main market of the extract manufactured in China,among the list, the European market has the largest demand for ginseng products with the most strict standards.

    4. Other Category

    Rhodiola Rosea Extract--As a star product of YuenSun, rhodiola rosea extract shared the place of the whole sales high to 40% in 2014,and the main active ingredient is salidroside famous for its excellent resistance to altitude sickness. According to the market feedback, taking ovrally rhodiola rosea extract can cope with various characteristics of hypoxia model which would make it sales continue to hit this year.

    Cranberry Extract--Cranberry extract is used in the treatment of diabetes and eye disease in North America, Canada, and northern Europe for a long history.A lot of ancient medical literature of China, Europe and Vietnam orange extract features for the treatment of many diseases in digestive system are mentioned.Cranberry extract the effective ingredient of anthocyanins is very powerful antioxidants that can protect your eyes from free radical damage.Cranberry extract anthocyanin is suitable for watching TV/computer for a long time, often drive a car, the sun, also applies to work busy students.

    In less than 20 years, domestic plant extracts industry from scratch, from the "small, scattered, weak" gradually development of several large enterprises plant extracts as the leading pattern, complied with the urgent need of natural plant extracts, health products, showing unprecedented vitality.In the upcoming 2015, we believe that the Chinese plant extracts in the role of the market will be fully dedicated to the great health every phytochemistry.